How to prepare properly for photo session with a brand

The first thing you need to do is to find a photographer who is right for you. You should not rely on friends and acquaintances who can recommend you some photographer. Be sure to study the portfolios of several photographers, find the one who is interesting to you as a person and whose work you really like. Do not spare money, it happens that it is worth overpaying, in order to get photos that you will be happy with.
What is important to consider when organizing a photo shoot for a brand and what I always consider.
One-size-fits-all studio photos are a long gone trend. It's important to tell a story. I help to accurately frame the shot and set the light to make the shot voluminous, lively and accurately convey the feeling to the viewer.

For every brand it is important to have a picture that you want to stop your eyes on, that attracts attention. The association that is made when viewing a picture plays a big role. We have beautiful inspiring summer bows for a walk on the lake or at the sea.

Location photography, in professional circles is called, location scouting. Think about what kind of place it could be that most conveys the concept of your brand or business. In the shoot I'm featuring in this article, it was Lake Como. For the brand owners, it was important to convey the vacation mood of their heroine, who at the same time exudes beauty and self-belief. 
I always visit all the locations beforehand, taking shots on my phone so that I know what angles are possible at what time of day in a given place. This saves time for everyone involved. If possible, it is best to shoot in the morning before 11 in the afternoon and in the evening, in summer after 18 hours. This is when the light is at its best. Our shooting on Lake Como was on a cloudy day, if there is no great need for shadows, then this light is considered to be the most ideal for shooting. This is the kind of light that is often attempted in studios.

It is always necessary to clarify in advance how many models are involved in the shoot, how they look. 
It is necessary to know all the images, in order to put together a picture in your head in advance, which images are more suitable for which location. For example, in this shoot of mine, notice how the white textured oversize shirt matches the texture of the city wall, and the blue top is perfect for the pier. 
A professionally working photographer will always send you a business proposal that includes a description of how the photographer works, the exact cost of the shoot, how many frames the client will receive, and an accurate estimate of the amount of work.
After the customer and I have agreed on the time and place of the shoot, I prepare for the customer and agree with him a moodboard for the shoot. It is very important to ask the brand as much as possible about the task of the shoot.
In the case of new small brands, it is necessary to find out if the client has experience in professional photography.

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